How an Unpaid Internship Pays?

Unpaid InternshipHave an unpaid internship or looking at one? It may seem like a bad idea not to get paid to work but unpaid internships can pay off in the long run.

As someone who aims to make it in the magazine field, internships are necessary to succeed. I have come to the realization that most of the internships I participate in will be unpaid. Just because they are unpaid, doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. Unpaid internships will pay you in ways you never expected.


The need for an internship on resume continues to grow. In 1992, 17 percent of college graduates had held internships. In 2014, 50 percent of graduates previously held internships. The experience you will gain is priceless. When potential employers look at your resume, they look for past experience. If they see that you have worked an unpaid internship they will know that you are serious about your future career. You are willing to work for no pay, so they know you are passionate about this future career. You will never find better preparation for the work world than an internship. It may not be the most convenient thing to work for no reward but you will reap the benefits later on in life.

“Interning in the industry you’re interested in working in after college will provide you with invaluable skills-skills that can give you an edge when going for your first job, “

says Angela Andaloro on the website

College Credit

Most schools give the opportunity for you to earn college credit hours for working an internship. You won’t necessarily be receiving a paycheck every two weeks but you will be receiving something even better: proof of an internship on your transcript and college credit hours. When an employer looks at your transcript, they will see the internship and be pleased with the fact that you put forth that effort; therefore it is more likely that you will be hired. A recent blog post by the Ghost website said that having an unpaid internship shows that you are eager to learn and get experience instead of a paycheck. Employers will know you are serious and that will catch their eye.

“Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships on their resume have a much better chance at landing a full-time position upon graduation,”

Melissa Benca, director of career services at Marymount Manhattan College in New York, recently said in an article on the Career Rookie website.

Testing It Out

Internships give you the chance to test out a future career before you decide to pursue the major. You may have taken the required courses but you haven’t actually been in the work world. This gives you the chance to see what it would really be like to work that job all the time. If you discover that this is not for you, it’s all right. It is not too late to change your major. What are a few more years of schooling versus a lifetime of happiness in your career? Internships are important for many reasons but I feel that the most important thing is finding out if a career is right for you.

“You’ll get a first-hand idea of what a job in the industry of your choice is like; you may realize it’s not for you after all,”

Andaloro said.

Unpaid internships can be hard. We are college students and we want money so we can have a social life. Although it may be difficult, these internships will be worth it and you will forget that you had to go a summer with less money when you are working a great job after your graduate.