How you should think like an employer

employerThe person that has to make the choice is called hiring decision-maker, also can be called HDM for short. The main task of the HDM is to make an offer to the person that he wants to hire so that he persuades him or her to be a part of his team. He has to follow some kind of financial guidelines, but the main goal is to be successful in hiring the person.

It is really important to find the right person for the job, because that affects everything – the whole business, your position as an HDM and the main working process. If you do not want to get into trouble, you need the right person for the right position and once you have such a candidate, you will be really motivated in hiring him/her.

Before you make that job and salary offer, as an HDM you have to consider some factors:

  •  personal rapport – the other words for that feeling is "chemistry", you know that sometimes you like a person more then another, even though their qualifications and skills are equal.
  •  job performance skills – even though the candidates can have the same years of experience in the job, they actually can have quite different skills.
  •  office politics – it could be such a case when the project is really important because of its visibility and less because of its profitability, and if so you can consider overpaying the position so that you achieve success.
  •  urgency – sometimes you find yourself in a situation when your business is loosing money and the customers are not quite happy because they are waiting for you to fulfill the orders. If that is the case you will have to pay more money and hire a person NOW.
  •  weariness- you may loosen up the budget when you feel that you are really tired of interviewing and want to go back to your main work.
  •  risk/reward – you can offer big bonuses and commissions for one good performance.
  •  supply/demand – if you think that this is one really good candidate you can pay more in order not just hiring the person but to make him retain in your company.
  •  special skills – you need to take into consideration of the candidate skills, because he can have skills that you will need tomorrow, beside the required ones.
  •  everyone will want one – your budget can be limited because of the reason that if you pay the person bigger amount of money, then you will have to pay everyone else that much.
  •  creativity – a compensation can be given for improving skills.
  •  pump-up speed - a faster learner can be more valuable.
  •  fear of competitors – if this is really the candidate that you want to hire and you are afraid that he might go to the competition if you do not make him one really good offer, you may reconsider the salary.
  •  pie in the sky – if you are convinced in the skills and the reputation of the candidate you may offer him/her a piece of the financial pie.
  •  the candidate` s personal needs – of course you will not waste money just because some candidates cry poor, but sometimes there are really situations that can touch your heart and make you loosen up the strings of your purse.
  •  HDM` s reputation – if the hiring decision-maker has the reputation of not being able to hold on the good people, he would want to change that negative reputation.
  •  wiggle room – your salary offer should not start from the top of your budget. It is only a common sense that you have to leave some wiggle room so that you have the chance to make a better offer if the candidate is hesitant - that are just the rules of the game.

These are just some of the factors that one HDM needs to comply with. Now when you know about the existing of these factors, let’s see what you can do in order to make them work in your favor.