Finding Motivation to Interview in a Tough Job Market

jobmarketThis is a tough job market for almost everyone, but hopefully we are on our way to a better, more plentiful market. In the meantime though, it is hard to stay motivated when you know the odds are against you. This is especially hard when you go for an interview. Interviews are nerve racking and draining as it is, but expending all that energy knowing the chances of getting the job may be slim is even harder. However, there are ways to motivate yourself on days when you do not feel at your best because of bad job prospects.

First, and most important, is to remember what you bring to your future job. Before your interview set aside some time to write down all your good qualities that apply to the job for which you are interviewing. If it is hard at first stick with it until you get at least a few down on paper. Also, the act of writing them out is important in itself and you will be able to look back on it for encouragement- whether for this interview or the next.

Next, you need to remember you are only human because this will serve you in several different ways. First, it will help you to relax a little because you will appear comfortable with who you are. Secondly, you humanity will serve as a reminder that the interviewer may be nervous too. An interview is not just about getting to know you; you are there to get to know them as well. Finally, if you walk in trying to project perfection, this is simply not believable. The interviewer may even wonder if you are hiding something bigger.

Okay, now that you have built yourself up and kindly reminded yourself you are human, it is time to purge yourself of any negativity. This means you need to think of your weaknesses and write those down; however, this time you are not going to hang on to them. You can remember a couple in case you are asked about any weaknesses in an interview, but the rest you should throw away. Since you know you are human, then you know we all have weaknesses and there is no point in hanging on to them.

You also need to purge yourself of any worries about the job so you can focus on the positive for the time being. Walking in looking a little nervous is one thing, but appearing as though you are too worried is a problem. You need to take some time to put these worries into question form for your interview. This is a way of channeling any worry into a healthy way to express it. It is also a professional way of expressing your concerns. Should you decide the job is not for you because of these concerns, you will know you acted in a professional manner.

Now, you need to get back to the positives and take your mind off the interview for a bit. After you have gone through the above process, grab a friend and go out to have some fun. You did the hard work of preparing and motivating yourself for the interview so now it is time to let go of it until it is interview time. However, if you are still worried and cannot relax, then talk it out with your friend and let them encourage you by reminding you of all your strengths. You may not want to listen to yourself, but you might be more willing to hear it from a friend.

Your final step comes after the interview because you still need to remain motivated. It may seem simple, but you need to let yourself feel proud and exhilarated that you worked hard and now it over. In other words, you conquered the task and faced it head-on so congratulate yourself. This act or way of thinking is important for two reasons. First, you may have another interview for which you need to remain motivated. Secondly, if you get the job, then you need to get motivated to start.

One of the most basic principles in physics is the idea that an object in motion is more likely to remain in motion. The same is true in this situation- you are more likely to stay motivated if you remain this way. When you have a moment of feeling discouraged this does not mean you have stopped, but rather you have slowed down and must deal with your negative thoughts. The problem comes when you do not deal with discouragement and let it cause you to be stagnant. Once you are stagnant, it is harder to get moving.