Money Making Ideas to Supplement Income

Making IdeasEnterprising people forever think of ways to make a little money. This list serves as an idea base for work that could supplement your income through establishing practical home-based businesses. Though each listing has it's good and bad points, you must carefully think of its short-term and long-term consequences. Locating information on chats and blogs and completing Internet searches may give more information on each suggestion, if licenses or bonds are necessary, and if an investment will be necessary.

Be creative when reading each entry. These ideas are not a means to an end. Instead, use them as ideas to get you thinking. There are both unique and ordinary ideas listed. When you do begin your business, price your work accordingly, competitively. In this economy, however, it may be prudent to price under the going rate to be sure "you" get the customers. Remember, everyone, not just you, has been hit hard in this economy.


  • Alterations - if you can sew reasonably, advertise hemming and sewing on buttons on college campuses or at your other job. Men, especially, like this service,
  • Autobody work,
  • Home aquarium maintenance person,
  • Private athletic trainer.


  • Bartending for private home or office parties,
  • Belly dancing, exotic dance & pole dancing instruction home parties,
  • Bake specialty breads, cakes, cookies, and pies for local restaurants and stores,
  • Babysitter / childcare,
  • Bake birthday and special occasion cakes for friends & neighbors,
  • Open a boarding house if there are open rooms.


  • Cottage industry - if you can sew or knit, do so from home. Contact a large retail store that has mail order catalogues. Sew curtains, embroider linens, or knit sweaters for them,
  • Start a cleaning business for houses, restaurants, clubs, offices, and other businesses,
  • Be a specific cleaner & organizer for basements & garages,
  • Make unique candies & fudge and sell them to local stores and restaurants,
  • Make a supply of holiday crafts from materials found in and around your home. Bring the finished products to local gift stores, garden centers, farmers' markets, flower shops,
  • Advertise that you set up and take down Christmas trees & interior decorations,
  • With a partner, start a lighting business decorating the exterior of houses or buildings,
  • Start a car washing business where you travel to their house,
  • Open a consignment shop or a junk store,
  • Private computer instructor,
  • Private computer tech & set-up person, reasonably priced,
  • Consultant for your subject of expertise such as gardening, pool & darts game, proofreading, and bring that knowledge to businesses as lectures,
  • Wash chandeliers for businesses and homes,
  • Party catering business.


  • Delivery person - advertise a service for grocery shopping or errand running for the elderly or homebound. Be sure to call senior centers and local Counsels on Aging. Run an ad in the paper, tape ad to grocery store bulletin boards,
  • Start a dog walking business,
  • Start doggie day care,
  • Private home dance instructor / tutor for ballet, tap,
  • Disc Jockey for private home parties, weddings, celebrations,
  • Start a dog grooming business where you go to the house.
  • Private temporary or long term eldercare,
  • A cook for the elderly at home.


  • If you have some experience, factories may be looking for temporary help on odd shifts or as fill-ins,
  • Create specialty gift baskets such as food/fruit baskets and candy bar trees (wrapping candy wrapper around a toothpick and inserting the pick in Styrofoam) consign them to gift stores, flower shops, boutiques.


  • Gardening - sell fruits, vegetables, flowers , and seedlings from your garden,
  • Grow transplants from seeds and sell,
  • Start a gift wrapping business for holiday shoppers,
  • Be a luxury gifts wrapper for items such as cars, boats, or anything large.


  • Do home parties such as plastic-ware and cosmetics for larger established companies.


  • If you have the flair for interior decorating, advertise your know-how and start a freelance business through furniture stores.


  • Design jewelry and sell to local stores or have home jewelry parties,
  • Make & sell jams & jellies. Advertise in local stores or give them samples and have them place goods on their shelves.


  • Kite making - design and make special kites,
  • karaoke at parties.


  • Start a landscaping business and design small beds for homeowners or businesses,
  • Maintain flower & shrub beds and borders for private homes or businesses. Focus especially on beautiful flower beds & borders.


  • Musician for private parties or upscale restaurants such as a harpist, violinist, guitarist,
  • Start a small band or group and play for private parties or clubs.


  • Work as an agency Certified Nursing Assistant where you can pick up convenient shifts,
  • Early morning newspaper delivery by car.


  • Start a home organizing business where you teach individual homemakers how to organize rooms, drawers, closets, etc.


  • Party or events planner,
  • Make unique pottery and consign it to better stores, art galleries, boutiques,
  • Freelance photographer - sell photos to agencies where they sell them to people who need them to illustrate works, or take passport pictures,
  • interior house painter, stenciler, faux finished walls painter,
  • Exterior house painter,
  • Sew placemats & napkins for gift packages. Have them displayed in boutiques or gift stores,
  • Paint customs signs, names on boats, stencil designs on cars,
  • Pet sitter.


  • Restore antique furniture or for resale,
  • Freelance researcher for businesses and law firms,
  • Resume writer,
  • Repair small appliances, broken china, figurines,
  • Rent out rooms to students, business executives at a temporary work position, senior citizens who don't wish to be alone.


  • Sew wedding and prom gowns. Keep the prices competitive but reasonable,
  • Substitute teach with a temporary teaching agency or visit the school principal for an interview. You can select the weekday, subject, and grade level,
  • Start a business as a freelance security guard for office buildings, factories, plazas,
  • Buy a soap making kit and make designer soaps that you sell at stores on consignment,
  • Private swimming or skiing instructor for young children,
  • Private upscale shopper.


  • Type research papers for college students. Advertise in the college newspaper, bulletin boards, and by word-of-mouth,
  • Start a tutoring business if you know several people who are able to tutor specific subjects. Good for all grades,
  • Tutor English to foreign visitors who have a long term stay in the states,
  • Start a Tour guide business for your area and local cities,
  • Freelance as a tax-form person for the simple IRS forms,
  • Devise a system whereby you become a telephone answering service person from home.


  • Design & sell luxury wooden umbrellas.


  • Start a food & drink vender business by starting out with coffee, sandwiches, desserts and visiting factories and offices.


  • Freelance write for Internet companies,
  • Wait on tables or hostess for the weekend shift,
  • Design & make custom wooden puzzles from pictures sent to you,
  • Wedding planner,
  • Wallpaperer,
  • Start a window washing business with a partner


  • At home yoga / pilates instructor for small groups.