Why it is so important to make a good cover letter

Why it is so important to make a good cover letter and a good impression on the interview

excellentThere are several of facts that are crucial for a good cover letter and what impression are you going to make to your future employer. First of all be sure that you have made some previous research on the topic and there is no way to be cached in the corner.

Be well grounded with the niche of the firm and make a small list with a several questions, which you will go to ask the interviewer. Do not be the new to the job. It is very important to be familiar with the questions about your positions in the company.

Also it will be in your plus, if you have some references from an employee of many years in the company. This will give you some influence in front of the other candidates. Of course, it is not as easy as it looks to stick to yours gun all the time. Do not panic if there is a question, on which you do not have a prepared answer. Stay calm and massage your bunches- this will give you confidence calmness.

  •  The handshake

There are few types of handshaking and each one of them means a different thing. For example to heavy handshake with a full palm shows confidence, determination and and iron will to solve the problems you will face. When you put your hand under the hand of your interlocutor, figurative you give him superior over you. It is on the contrary, if he put his hand under yours, you will have the figurative superior.

The handshake with two hands, which is well known as the “political handshake”, shows that you have faith in your interlocutor. It is not recommended to use this type of handshaking on the interview, because you haven’t built the trust between each other and it will hilarious to declare, in a figurative way of course, the faith in him.

  •  Do not smoke on the interview

You are in his office and he offers you an ash-tray? Do not make the mistake to start smoking with him. The smoking gives you the feeling that you are close friends or long standing mates. No, you are still two strangers, an employer and a future employee, who is trying to get the job- a few months or years will be need to establish a good and strong professional relation between each other.

  •  Make a list of your positive qualities in the cover letter


When you are applying for a job make sure that introduce to your future employer a perfect presentation of your qualities. Any mistakes or a bad order can be the last. The cover letter is just like the CV- you should “carry up” your positive qualities over the negatives, the employer can make for you on the interview. Sometimes the well build list is crucial for your presentment, so make it really good, if you want to succeed.