Know your Passion. Live your Dreams. But Stay Realistic.

passionOk, we’ve all heard about how important passion is in every aspect of our life. It is the fuel that we need to be able to realize our dreams and live a happy life. This is the connection: Know your passions to live your dreams. But is this all there is?

Well, I’m not quite sure. It’s not that I’m complaining or something. It’s just that, the reality is a bit different than this. Let’s say you’ve discovered your passions and you are on your way to living your dream life. And there come the million other things that surround your passion, and they certainly are not what you bargained for. But you still need to do them.

It’s like you just got married to the perfect man/woman you truly love. That’s great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll always look like a fairytale that you’ll both live in forever and ever. There’ll still be dishes to wash, laundry to do, trash to take out, all waiting for you when the honeymoon is over.

Passion in work is a lot similar to this. You may have the job of your dreams, the thing you’ve wanted to do since you were a little kid. And you may have achieved in making this passion your work. But, passion doesn’t come naked like that. This passion of yours is also accompanied with lots of other boring things you least want to do, but you still need to.

Take me for example. I love my work. I’m living my passion. I’m building my own business I’m good at, creating what I enjoy, and writing from the bottom of my heart. But I also have to do some things I don’t enjoy that much, like paperwork, going to the bank, paying rent, worrying about the cash flow, having meetings, doing those cold calls, etc. I think you’re now getting what I was saying before about the honeymoon and all.

So here’s my point. You should know what your passion is, and you should do your best to live your dreams, but you should also stay realistic on the way. Your expectation of what it means to live your passion must be in correspondence with the reality. You must be prepared for these, let’s say unpleasant things that’ll also accompany your dream job. They cannot discourage and disorient you when you’ll start living your passion. Be prepared for them when the journey begins.

Staying in touch with the reality means that you are also practical, and that you are expecting a lot of hard work and sacrifices. However it is that you’ve imagined your dream job to be, all the difficulties and expectations, multiply it by three. Be prepared for it to be three times more difficult than what you’ve thought it would be. This way you won’t be surprised by what’s waiting for you, and you’ll be more ready to successfully manage your disillusionment's.

Don’t just get motivated on achieving something, but also be prepared to manage your motivations. It’s like you are running a marathon. You must train your body to run all the way, to the last mile. Running out of gas is a huge possibility and you should expect that too.

It is really important to know what it means to live your passion. If you focus only on the good, rosy stuff you won’t be prepared for the practical things that’ll also be there. Only when you’ll know the good and the bad, you can go live your passion, and work it till it works for you.

No matter how beautiful your passion is, you’ll have to accept it with the zits, and warts, and all. And don’t forget to take out your trash at the end of the day.