How the Job Market Affects Different People

jobWith the way the economy is these days, there are many people affected by this. The word recession comes to mind along with anxiety and worry. Although many people are still out of a job, news about the job market reports that this is improving recently. After more than two years of past job losses, for the past 18 months new jobs have been added to the economy. In February, the number of job openings have increased since the past year. So, how does the job market news affect different people?

Married Moms

Although the job market seems to be improving, it is still the toughest on married moms. Research has shown that married moms going back to work after being out so long to take care of their children are earning less money. It also took them longer to find a new job after losing their previous one. Maybe with the news of the job market improving things will get better for this group of people. They can always hope, anyway.

People With Tattoos

Although the job market is slowly increasing, however still somewhat shaky, those with tattoos are finding it harder to get a job because of their tattoos. Because of this, tattoo removal has been on the rise to make it easier for these people to get hired for their next job. The reason for this is because most businesses do not allow visible tattoos so if you have one that everyone can see and you are finding it hard to get hired, this may be why and it might be time to get it removed.

2013 College Graduates

A year old report had a lot of recent graduates and their parents a little worried because it mentioned tat the job market was going to make many of them jobless. However, this was a report that is outdated and with the job market slowly improving, recent graduates just starting out as entry level workers will have better luck at finding a decent paying job. This is good news for those just graduating college. More good news is that with the recent increase in the job market, these college grads will be paid more for their knowledge and expertize in the career they choose.


Education is always on the rise and there will always be a need for teachers. However, with a recent bill passed in Michigan, teachers are asked to pay more for their retirement pension without the help of more pay for themselves. The critics are saying this will make it harder for current and new teachers and might discourage them from pursuing a teaching career in the first place.

Marketing Yourself in Today’s Economy

Even though the job market is getting better, some people are still finding it hard to find a job in today’s economy. However, there are some ways a person can market themselves better to find the job of their choice.

  • Make notes of what you have to offer and use them to make yourself stand out.
  • Decide which role, generalist or expert, will fit you best.
  • Set goals and make notes of want you want to achieve. Set yourself up to achieve those goals.
  • Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. When you find your weaknesses, turn them into more strengths.
  • Find out who your target markets are and market yourself to them. Show them who you are and why they need your knowledge and expertize.
  • Find out what is working for you and what is not when it comes to finding a job.