How To Get $ 10, 000 Scholarship : A Career Scholarship Guide

scholarship guideTrying to figure out how you are going to pay for college can be quite overwhelming. You know that working while you are in school to pay for your schooling can help you out somewhat, but that you will probably only be able to afford taking a few classes at a time at your local community college. If you have your heart set on a more expensive school, and you don’t want to spend several extra years attending school, you know you need a better way to pay for college. That is why using the help of a career scholarship guide is so important.

What Are Scholarships?

A scholarship is a monetary gift for your college education that you do not have to ever pay back, unlike a student loan. They are either based on merit or need, or both. You can receive them from foundations, organizations or the colleges themselves. There are all different types of scholarships depending on the individual. They can be based on things such as your sex, your grades in school, what you plan on studying in college or even your extra-curricular activities. Your chances of getting a scholarship can be improved by things such as doing good on your SAT and ACT tests, meeting the deadlines and eligibility for the scholarship, getting good grades, getting your college applications in early and following all the directions for the scholarship carefully.

Finding the Right Scholarship

With a career scholarship guide, you’ll be able to look through a large directory of several different scholarships that are available to you. These type of sites can also help guide you through the application process for a scholarship and everything that you need to do. Every scholarship is a bit different, so there isn’t just one way to apply. In general however, there is information that you will need to provide about yourself and there is a way to present yourself as well to make a good impression and show why you are deserving of a particular scholarship.

When you find a scholarship that you think is fitting, you’ll first need to make sure that you actually qualify for it. You’ll need to read all the information for the scholarship carefully so you can make sure you meet all the criteria. Then, you can make a list of all of the scholarships that you qualify for and apply to several different ones. Keeping a list of all the scholarships you are planning on applying for plus dates of when each is due, all the documents you need to provide for each one and when and how you’ll get the documents will help your application process greatly and keep you organized.

Knowing the full range of scholarships…

…that are available will get you off to a good start as well, and that is the main reason for using the career scholarship guide. You won’t want to miss out on any opportunities, and without a guide this can be very easy to do. Besides going online, you can find these guides at your public library, many universities or polytechnics, some community centers and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

When you are ready to apply for some scholarships, you’ll need to fill out any forms that go with them and make sure you have all the documentation gathered that you will need to send in with your application. You might be able to go to an interview with the selection panel. Some of the things you may need to provide include is your school records, a letter of approval from your school, a list of references, evidence of your involvement in the community, your ethnic background or financial hardship, proof of citizenship or residency and bank details. You will need to send copies of any of these documents that are requested and make sure that they are certified copies.

Make a Good Impression

You need to remember that you have to make a good impression, as you are trying to prove why you deserve the scholarship.
If your application is late, incomplete or sloppy you will show that it is not important to you or you aren’t really interested and your application will get easily passed over. Make sure you have plenty of time to put into the application and try to do anything you can to show how deserving you are.

When you think you are done go back over your application thoroughly a few times. You can have someone else read it over for you as well. Check for things such as you’ve provided all the documents that were requested, you have no grammar or spelling mistakes, you have your current contact details in the application, you meet the closing date and you have gotten certified copies of all your documents.


If you leave yourself plenty of time to research the right scholarships and then to apply for them, you could be well on your way to receiving at least one scholarship. With the help of a career scholarship guide, you will be able to accomplish this much easier with their thorough listing of scholarships available and their helpful guides so you can complete your application correctly.