10 Red Flag Phrases in Job Descriptions

Red FlagsThe job seeking process is a two-way street. Applicants who are trying to sell themselves and companies who are making their jobs look like golden opportunities.

There has been much discussion about applications that have misleading information. This is also true for the job descriptions that are not quite what they are describing.

Here are 10 phrases found in numerous job listings on many sites. What they are saying and what the company means are two different things that all job hunters should bear in mind.

1. "Self-motivated individuals"- If you don't want to work, fine with us, you don't get paid. We don't care if we get our 20 sales from one person or twenty; it's all money for us.2. "Opportunity for Six Figure Income"-Or 10 figures if you work hard enough and take over company. Isn't that possible in any job?

3. "Leads, Leads Leads!" -The phone book which is now on internet phone number listing sites.

4. "Trips and Incentives"-Bad postcard pictures from fancy hotel banquet rooms where drunken people are celebrating how they convinced 100 people to get their one sale a piece, quit and then don't get paid. Pure profit!

5. "Entry Level! Growth Opportunity!"- A position that starts so low paying that it can only grow better. The definition of starting on the bottom.

6. "Cutting edge sales techniques"- Knocking on the doors where the GPS told you to go. There is no need for paper maps any more.

7. "Marketing face to face"-Get out in the field, we don't want you hanging around the office watching us wait for your sales.

8. "New customer acquisition"-Bother your friends, family and neighbors who we haven't found yet. If you quit then thanks for the new list of names.

9. "Strong student mentality"- Be quiet and learn from us who have figured out how to get beyond your lowly level.

10."Privately owned and operated sales and marketing firm"-We can pull stuff that a publicly visible company cannot.