10 Things Every Job Seeker Needs to Know About LinkedIn

In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn is the tool job seekers need to use to shorten their search and maximize the number of interviews they land (JobVite.com). In short, there’s no better way to penetrate the Hidden Job Market you may have heard about, which encompasses the 70% of all jobs never advertised in newspapers […]


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A Few Ideas for Work From Home Jobs for Moms

More and more people today are starting to work from home. It’s a great way to earn money while working in a comfortable environment. If you are a mom, you may want to work from home, as it gives you a chance to stay with your children while still providing for them. There are a […]

What Employers Opportunities & Job Postings Say About Them

Employees who have ever been out of work, or even those have been employed all of their life but still looked for a possible career advancement opportunity just to see “what’s out there,” have probably been to one of any number of job boards. There one will find all sorts of job postings and almost […]


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Simple Steps to Improve Job Search Success

In the not-too-distant past, the job search required little more than reading the daily newspaper and sending copies of the cover letter and resume by mail. Networking was face-to-face, and employers were generally faster to respond. However, today’s career search is far more complex, necessitating online resumes, employment search boards, and social networking via the […]

Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter

Most job applications, whether by email or online form, require a cover letter. The purpose of the cover letter is to link the skills on your resume to the requirements of position that you are applying for. Therefore, once you have finally completed the monumental task of writing your resume, comes the challenge of writing […]

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How to Land a Freelance Job on oDesk.com

In today's faltering economy with rising unemployment, one website offers freelancers the chance to work at home in an innovative virtual office. Here's how it works. It has been a dream for many to make money from the comfort of home. With so many people losing their jobs in today’s struggling economy, now may be […]

Writing a Cover Letter That Gets the Job Done

It's a debate that has gone on for years. Are resume cover letters really necessary? And if they are, how does someone write a good one? Here are some tips. When it comes to resume cover letters, there is a long-standing debate about whether or not they are effective or just a waste of time. […]

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How to Get Started as a Freelance Writer

Those considering launching a solo career in freelance writing may wonder where to start. Here's how to step into the waters of online article writing. Freelance writing is alluring to many who would like to make money from the comfort of their own home. In days past, freelancing meant sending dozens of queries and articles […]

Unleashing the Power of the Internet in Your Job Search

“Come on everybody now, everybody’s learning how . . . Surfing!” Surfing the Internet, that is. You’ve heard all the hype, seen all the ads where the company lists their new website, overheard geeky teenagers discussing the really cool sites they’ve found. You’ve heard about the pornography, the bomb building sites, and spouses who run […]

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Preparing for Your Interview

The most highly qualified applicant does not necessarily get the job… The applicant who makes the best impression gets the job! The goal of a good resume is to get you interviews—a necessary first step towards landing your new job. Most hiring authorities agree, however, that the most important thing a job seeker can do is […]