Cover Letter Ideas Designed to Help You Get that First Job

Upon graduating from high school or college, many graduates make a resume to distribute in hopes of landing a job, but new graduates need a cover letter in addition to the resume. Find out why and how the résumé's cover letter should be done. To begin, be sure to personalize your cover letter. "Dear Sir […]

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5 Work at Home Jobs Without a College Degree

In this economy, finding a work at home job can be more of a challenge than it previously was. There are more people who are out of work and therefore more people who are searching for work. This makes it hard for even the most qualified applicant to find a job, much less an applicant […]

How an Unpaid Internship Pays?

Have an unpaid internship or looking at one? It may seem like a bad idea not to get paid to work but unpaid internships can pay off in the long run. As someone who aims to make it in the magazine field, internships are necessary to succeed. I have come to the realization that most […]

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What to Wear to a Job Interview?

Preparing for job interviews includes dressing for success. Read on for tips on men and women's professional attire to wear to a job interview. Boost confidence when attending a job interview by dressing for success. From the minute of arrival, it is likely you will be under scrutiny by a potential employer. Read on for […]

Describe, Persuade or Analyze – Non-fiction Writing Strategy

Curriculum demands on 21st century students encourage the use of thinking strategies to enhance deeper understanding of concepts and knowledge, in the teaching and learning which occurs in classrooms. 21st century students increasingly use electronic media and the internet for searches and discussions. It cannot be assumed that information found through electronic media and the […]

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Applying to College: An Organized Approach

Applying to college can be a complicated process; forms to fill out, documents to fax, and application after application to submit. All of this is complicated by the fact that in order to enter a university the fall following high school graduation Most students will be filling out these applications prior to receipt of their […]

When School Sucks! What to Do If Your Child Hates School

As school begins so does the anxiety, will my child hate school again this year? Children that once loved learning, are turning overnight into these creatures that we do not recognize, coming home moody, hating school and not wanting to return. What is a parent to do? The prospect of making a child do something […]

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21st Century Skills and the Elementary Classroom

An Elementary 21st Century Classroom Fictional or Real? Imagine the elementary classroom of the 21st century where a group of elementary aged children are interested in the ocean. The teacher asks them what they want to learn and finds that the class is interested in the creatures of the sea. Instead of telling students information […]

10 Tips for Writing a Killer Cover Letter

The cover letter personalizes the resume and highlights key skills and job accomplishments. An effective letter of interest impresses employers and sets the candidate apart from other job applicants. Without a well-written, targeted request to be considered, employers are less likely to continue on to the candidate’s resume. However, job seekers can keep in mind […]

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How to Explain Employment Gaps

Jobs aren’t easy to come by in a down economy. With layoffs continuing and companies hesitant to begin hiring workers, those who have been caught in corporate down-sizings often experience a wait of six months or longer before finally landing a new job. Particularly if the job seeker has additional gaps in his or her […]